What is Galigeo API™

Galigeo API™ or simply called API, is a REST webservice that lets you embed the Galigeo Location Intelligence solution everywhere you want (third-party applications, portals, websites, ...).

Its purpose its to offer to any user communities to augment any applications people are already familiar or used to work with, with self-service geospatial capabilities , to create and share meaningful geospatial analysis and map visualizations.

Its promise is to able to embed geospatial capabilities anywhere with the least code development possible and in the shortest time.


Before getting started with the API, make sure the followings points are on tracks.

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Main concepts

Galigeo is a web component that can be embeded within a web page (or web application) by using an iframe

The Galigeo API™ is available in the form of a REST service used to specify some map parameters and its data.

The parameters requested by the API are in JSON format.

Once this is done, all the configuration is done within Galigeo itself and no additional programming is necessary (defining layers, symbols, user credentials, etc...).

Access the API URL

If using an Application Server to use the API, the URL structure goes as follow.


Where <SERVER-DOMAIN> and <SERVER-PORT> are respectively the domain (or IP) and the port of the JAVA Server that hosts the Galigeo webapp. If defining the port is transparent, just omit it.

e.g. http://ggo-srv:8080/Galigeo/api/openMap

The full list of parameters is documented here.

Use in Javascript